Ensuring the future of hunting is core to RMEF's mission because of its crucial role in supporting and funding conservation. It is also the main tool used by wildlife managers and biologists to successfully manage wildlife populations. Ensuring hunting's future specifies providing education for novice and experienced hunters alike to learn, improve and have the best possible experience and success in the field. OutdoorClass is an all-new online educational platform hosted by well-known, experienced hunters who offer their expertise to inspire and enhance the skills of other hunters.

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When looking at the lack of options available for hunters to expand their skills and knowledge, experts from around the hunting world decided to band together to bring their knowledge together and help hunters of all levels grow. For complete novices and lifelong hunters alike, OutdoorClass is the only destination to learn from the experience of the best. The best part? You can download your instruction and take it into the field with you.

What is OutdoorClass?

For hunters committed to improving their skills, OutdoorClass is the only subscription-based, e-learning platform that provides unlimited access to video lessons from the world’s most respected experts, covering topics across the hunter’s entire journey. Whether you’re on your phone, computer or TV, you’ll have access whether at home or in the field.

Join OutdoorClass and learn from the best to acquire and sharpen your personal hunting skills.

Craft your own curriculum
  • Find the topics and skills you want to improve
    Explore the course options available to you as a part of OutdoorClass' robust offering—from finding Mule Deer across the west to cooking antelope osso buco—and dive into whatever you want to learn.
  • Choose how you want to experience the courses
    Start from the beginning for a full walkthrough, or pick and choose to zero in on the skills that appeal to you. Watch on your phone, computer, TV, or download and take your education into the field.
  • Start mastering the skills you need to become a better hunter
    If you're looking to develop new elk calling skills, learn to cook from scratch, or more, you'll find what you need with OutdoorClass.

Who is OutdoorClass for?

OutdoorClass is for hunters of any level. From a complete “newbie” fresh out of hunter safety to a lifelong hunter looking to hone the last 10% of their skills, there’s always something to learn and something to improve. Courses can be consumed at your own pace and speed, either in order or a la carte. Courses can also be viewed however the student wants—on their phone, TV, laptop, or computer, and even downloaded to take into the field with you.

Available Courses

with Randy Newberg

From how to e-scout from home to in-the-field tips and insights, pack-out strategies and other tactics, respected hunter and public lands advocate Randy Newberg helps you navigate through elk hunting’s highly pressured post-rut and late-season. Learn from Randy and benefit from his decades of experience to become a master elk hunter.

with Corey Jacobsen

The preeminent elk caller on the globe, RMEF Life Member and 10-time World Elk Calling Champion Corey Jacobsen shares his techniques and strategies to lure and call in elk during the pre-rut and peak-rut seasons. When it comes to bugling, mewing, chirping, cow calling and successfully thriving up-close with elk, Corey knows how to get it done and can help you do the same.

with Remi Warren

Sharpen your skills with professional hunter Remi Warren as he shares his wealth of wisdom to help you track and find mule deer bucks sooner—whether early or late in the hunting season. Implementing his systemic approach to finding, stalking and harvesting mulies will greatly bolster your hunting abilities.

with Jaime Teigen

You harvested it, now learn how to cook it and make it taste great. Renowned backcountry chef Jaime Teigen teaches you everything you need to know to empty your freezer in a delicious way, from selecting the best cuts of meat and appropriate rubs and spices all the way through creating scrumptious meals.

with John Barklow

Learn survival skills from someone who's spent the last two decades teaching U.S. Special Forces. John shares his knowledge and practical training to help you better plan, prepare and survive any situation the backcountry throws at you.

with Hank Shaw

Ever want to know how to get more out of your big game animals? Author and James Beard Award-winning chef Hank Shaw walks you through a nose-to-tail guide on prepping, butchering and cooking the fruits of your hard work in the field.

with Randy Newberg

One of the most exciting-and often overlooked-species to hunt, you'll learn everything from their physical adaptations and the landscapes they call home to the gear & strategies you need to harvest a trophy buck with a bow or rifle.

with Bri Coelho

Chef Bri teaches you how to elevate your wild game by teaching you sound basics and skills that will open new techniques and recipes in your own kitchen.

with Mark Livesay

Solid hunt planning is an essential component to finding consistent success. Expert Mark Livesay guides you through hunt planning strategies that will dramatically change the way you prepare for your western hunt adventures.

with Remi Warren

Few hunts are more rewarding than a successful spot-and-stalk mule deer hunt. Remi Warren dives into his tactics, decision making factors and a number of his time-tested secrets to help you stalk into bow range on a mule deer buck.