ANSWER THE CALLFundraise for Elk Country

Elk country needs your help. Invest your time, talents and energy to further RMEF’s mission of ensuring the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage.


By volunteering with a local RMEF chapter, you’ll work with other like-minded individuals to plan and host banquets and other fundraising events. Your efforts will directly impact elk and other wildlife by funding projects that conserve and enhance elk habitat.

RMEF Volunteers: Elk Country’s Greatest Allies

Understand RMEF Volunteer Impact

Local Volunteer Opportunities

Chapter Committee Volunteers
Chapter committee volunteers come from all walks of life. Kids, parents, men, women, couples, families, professionals, students, teachers, laborers, you name it, they’ve volunteered for RMEF! Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in the planning and execution of local RMEF events. New volunteers and their fresh perspectives are valued and help strengthen each chapter.

Event Volunteers
If you're unable to serve as a committee volunteer, there are still opportunities to help at your local event! Chapter committees need help with event setup, raffles and auctions, just to name a few possibilities! No matter what amount of time you can give, RMEF can find a role that fits your abilities and schedule.

Watch Chapter Volunteers in Action


Q: As a volunteer, what do you need me to do?
A: How you integrate within a committee is completely up to you! Each committee will have different needs. What and how much you do, is completely your decision. It will likely take some time to understand which specific roles you may fill, but simply being a committee volunteer for now, will allow you to learn and understand the inner workings of a chapter committee.

Q: What Is an RMEF Chapter?
A: RMEF chapters plan and execute local RMEF fundraising events. Each chapter is managed by committee, with the goal of raising dollars to fund elk country conservation projects. Event planning starts several months prior to an event and committees plan all aspects of the event with support and direction from RMEF.

Q: Where Are RMEF Funds Spent?
A: Funds raised by local RMEF chapters and events are allocated toward funding programs within that state the following year. RMEF staff and lead volunteers help direct where and how those funds are spent to maximize impact towards the mission, including land conservation and access, habitat stewardship, wildlife management and hunting heritage.

Q: What if I can’t make all scheduled meetings but I still want to help?
A: Communicate with your chapter chair or new volunteer mentor to let them know about availability. If you can’t make scheduled meetings due to conflicts but still want to solicit donations or help the night of an event, your help will never be turned down.

Q: Am I expected to solicit donations?
A: We understand that getting donations isn’t for everyone and that’s okay! There will be many tasks that arise. Don’t hesitate to speak up when you see an area of interest where you would like to help.

Q: Do I have to be a RMEF member to volunteer?
A: No, but given the benefits of being an RMEF member, we hope that at least one member of your household is a member. Sign up to become a member through your upcoming banquet and your chapter receives fundraising credit!

Q: Is there a minimum age to volunteer?
A: No, all ages are welcomed!

Q: Do chapters only fundraise or are there other volunteer opportunities?
A: At times, there are other volunteer opportunities where RMEF volunteers are needed such as fence removals, wildlife water system installations, weed removal, thinning and more. Additionally, some hunting heritage volunteer opportunities may be available to help with youth camps, range days, education programs and other activities.


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